The Courtesans' Guild is one of the more mysterious Merchant Guilds, a subdivision of the Mercers' Guild and best known for its guild-run brothels and jaunty advertising.

Line of BusinessEdit

Dealing with the education, sale and hire of whores in every quality, the Courtesans' Guild is NOT a guild of pimps, but precisely a guild of courtesans. Due to the high profile of their highest members and the extremely delicate and often confidential nature of their tasks, the guild is considered to have significant leverage with many nobles and is a notorious wild card in imperial politics. Noteworthy in this context is that the Courtesans' Guild has officially declined a Guildsraat seat of their own, and instead attends their meetings whenever they want.

It is often rumoured (very quietly) that the Spymasters' Guild and the Assassins' Guild are actually subdivisions of the Courtesans' Guild. Even more quietly, it is rumoured that the three guilds are actually one and the same.

Courtesan RatingsEdit

All 'working' members of the guild are classified by a rating that is a shorthand for their quality, qualification and price range. Rating classes go from E to A, with each class roughly standing for the following:

  • E Class: Simple streetwhore, single-use pet, little to no education.
  • D Class: Simple brothel ware or pet, rudimentary education and conversation skills.
  • C Class: High-class brothel ware or companion courtesans, beautiful and skilled in conversation.
  • B Class: Skilled companion courtesans of outstanding beauty and charm, highly educated, talented in conversation and at least one performing art.
  • A Class: Courtesans of outstanding beauty, charm, intellect and devotion, willing and capable of acquiring skills and character traits at the whim of their owner.

The A class rating is rarely attained and almost legendary, every courtesan (and many connaisseurs) can name all on-duty A-Class courtesans and their specialities.

Notable MembersEdit