House Dracon is one of the five Royal Houses of the Phoenix Empire.


He who survives, inherits. (Supersum adire hereditatem.)

Also: Only what you do not know can hurt you.

Vulgar: Fuck other people's rules!

Coat of ArmsEdit

sable, a dragon gules enroule (a coiled red dragon on black)


Black, rarely accented red


House Dracon sports simultaneously the loosest and the strictest dresscode of the royal houses - anything as long as black. While other Houses may see their dresscodes as guidelines, the Dracon uniformly and unerringly adhere to theirs.


Dracon act unrestrained, are are even more allergic to other people’s rules and opinions than other nobles. While easily the most aggressive of the houses, they are also the most flexible. They were the first to embraced the nascent Temple Aroona and were the earliest supporter of the Psions' Guild. The Dracon are wild, curious and prone to accidents and infighting.

Appropriate hobbiesEdit

supplying friends and acquaintances with drugs, poisons, unique weapons and pleasure slaves

Favoured artsEdit

couturiers, cybernetics, cosmetic surgeons, drug-designers


Since the end of SW II, the Emperor has been of House Dracon. And while other Houses still hiss and quibble at the fact, their rule is pretty much cemented, even if under constant assault. For many generations, House Dracon has been defined by being the polar opposite of their mortals enemies of House Habichtswald. With the death of the last Habichtswald marking the end of SW II, House Dracon needs to re-define itself. So the most interesting political challenge for them currently is an internal one - the dispute between the ‘old school’ Dracon who still long for the scorched earth attitude of the antebellum days and the ‘new school’ Dracon who are slightly more cooperatively minded.

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