Nach'Tarr is one of the Youh'Kai Deities, revered as the god of death, secrets and deliverance.

God of Death, Secrets and DeliveranceEdit

For a culture that evolved living in the endless caves of their home world, it is unusual to revere the god of darkness as a positive deity. But Nach’Tarr is, if not exactly beloved, deeply respected and revered, second in importance only to Ai'Nakara. His main duty is to gather up the souls of the dead and lead them into the underworld, where they will exist in peace and harmony until the end of time. Similarly, he gathers up all things lost and forgotten, and cares for them as kindly as he would care for the souls of the dead. He is the master of all monsters and things that hide in the dark, and will protect his followers from them if they are worthy. In stories, he is usually shown as implacably calm, patient, almost omniscient and rarely speaking. Mostly, he appears in legends to calm his raging elder brother Ai’Nakara, and to act as voice of reason and compassion. When they disagree, he often concedes the short-term victory to Ai’Nakara, knowing full well that he will literally have the last say.

He is also famous for being the one god who has never lied. Legends know of only one occasion where he was tempted to go into the underworld and bring back one of the dead, when his youngest daughter Lûn died in the War in Heavens. But even then did he uphold his own rules, reinforcing the image of being the most reliable of all gods.


Slender, dark-skinned male Youh’Kai (often without markings on his bone ridges or no ridges at all) of no discernible age, in a hooded black cloak or a cloud of darkness. Occasionally large, black wings. Often, he is described as being exotically handsome and kind beyond reason.

Dedicated HolidaysEdit

On the longest night of a year on any given hemisphere, Youh'Kai observe Nach'Tarr's Night, a celebration of courage and determination.

While most of the Youh'Kai of the local community gather for a feast, some of them disguise themselves as 'monsters', calling out individual non-costumed Youh'Kai and formally challenging them for their blood. The challenged Youh'Kai refuse and instead offer hospitality, food and drink to the monster, which invariably accepts. What consititutes as a monster varies with location, time and circumstance. For example, Bobby Dover was able to gain entrance to the local Youh'Kai gettho by dressing as Emperor Grigorij Dracon, see short story Nacht'Tarr's Night.

Common followersEdit

Sinners, spies, assassins, hospice workers

Notable Followers of Nach'TarrEdit

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