Ornella Andragor
Born 4972
Deceased Unknown/Alive
Born on Tosca
Parents Unnamed
Spouses Orlando Andragor
Children Eric Andragor, Leonardo Andragor, adopted: Karl Dracon
Affiliation House Andragor, Karl Dracon

An Andragor noblewoman from Tosca, Lady Ornella was sold as a slave when House Andragor was taken over by House Castella, her son Eric with her.

Life after SW IIEdit

When Lady Ornella gave birth to Lenny, she had been living as a slave - meaning that her medical care was down to medieval levels. So when she collapsed and the midwife didn't find any pulse, she was considered dead and sold to the knacker for the famous two credits. Her being hauled onto the cart together with other corpses is the image Eric still remembers.

Only when the cart was unloaded, the knacker noticed that the slave woman on his cart was still breathing. He was a good man, if a little old, and took pity with her. So instead of turning her into dog food, glue and fertilizer, he took her in and nursed her back to health. He kept her around, and even though she was distanced and often sad, he fell in love with her. That she was a stunning, regal beauty with obviously a tragic past surely helped. When the knacker realizes that he was growing old and wouldn't have much longer to live, he did the only thing he could to protect his beloved slave - he proposed to her, and after lenghty consideration, she said yes. So she became a commoner, and after the knacker's death, she inherited his enterprise.

She ran the business for a while, and eventually caught the eye of a wealthy, lonely glue merchant from the capital. A beautiful widow with obvious business acumen and noble manners seemed to be a brilliant match to him, and so he proposed to her.

[Lengthy rambling part about a long succession of husbands]

And so the Duke framed the Count for high treason, implicating his whole family in the process. All of them were facing execution by burning at the stake, but the stunningly beautiful and regal Countess caught Duke Anklam's eye. In exchange for her hand in marriage, he offered to spare her stepchildren the agony of being burned alive. She accepted, and Duke Anklam kept his promise - the children were strangled before he burned them together with their father.

And that's how Lady Ornella ended up being the wife of a Dracon Duke.

Life on Del'MoradEdit

In 5017, she bought the Class A courtesan Wesley, age 15, as a pet for her husband, Duke Anklam Dracon of Del'Morad, see short story His First Assignment. When Duke Anklam died in 5019, she was suspected of the murder, but could eventually clear herself of the allegations.

A Family reunitedEdit

In 5023, Ornella Andragor reunites with her sons Eric Andragor and Leonardo Andragor. She adopts Eric Andragor and he marries Rose van der Meer. See novel Even Nobles Cry.

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