Temple Belligra is one of the three branches of the Imperial Church.

Fist of the ChurchEdit

The oldest still existing branch, the fearless warriors of Temple Belligra are the second most numerous branch of the imperial church. Their white knights in heavy armor are, if not exactly beloved, deeply respected, and tales of their battles against demons, rogue psions and murderous aliens are the subject of many boys' dreams.

The Belligra are the military arm of the Imperial Church, charged with protecting the faithful and fighting enemies of the faith. They are famous for their fierce and fearless attitude, and cautiously kept at a distance for the very same.

Due to their rather military internal structure, the Belligra appear relatively uniform to outsiders. During the course of their education, though, each Brother will usually specialize either as Sword (offensive tactics), Shield (defensive) or Patch (technical support and pioneering).

Miracles of Temple Belligra tend to be direct and awe-inspiring, whether they conjure shields to protect their flock or fire from heaven to smite their enemies.

The temple in 'Temple Belligra' and the others does not refer to any physical place. It was the origin of the name, but by now has come to signify the metaphysical place of worship that the branches represent as an organisation.

Political valueEdit

Of course the Belligra have been used by political patriarchs in the past, but that is also grossly simplified. While the Belligra make up one of the most powerful armies of the Empire, they are also the one hardest to control. Armies of highly empowered, highly pious men and women tend to develop their own ideas of what's wrong or right if pressed in the wrong direction. So, the Belligra as a whole are the classic powerful weapon everyone prefers not to use.

Common rumoursEdit

  • The Belligra are not contend with fighting demons, they are using heretic rituals to attack Demonic Shard Realms pre-emptively.
  • Some demons have learned how to bribe the Belligra, thus gaining the right of existence in our universe.

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