The Masked One is one of the Youh'Kai deities, revered as the god of lies, arts and progress.

God of lies, arts and progressEdit

As if the Youh'Kai pantheon hadn’t enough shitstirrers with Cor'Garun and his brood, the Masked One is the true trickster god among the Youh’Kai deities. Neither one of the good guys nor truly a villain, legend has it that he has fought on both sides of the War in Heavens, simultaneously. While the Sons of Cor'Garun seek mischief out of boredom, the Masked One seems to have an agenda of his own. Often, he seems to attack encrusted notions of ‘propriety’ or an obsolete status quo. He is the one who kicks complacent gods into action when they have become too accustomed to the way they were doing things. His relation to the other gods is unknown, but they all refer to him as ‘uncle’. There are no temples or priests of the Masked One, at least none that anyone would know. And those who know sure won’t tell.


Rarely ever depicted, as he can look like anyone or anything at any given time. Occasionally, in images of the whole Youh’Kai pantheon, you will find one other god depicted twice in exactly the same manner. No way of telling which of them is the Masked One.

Common followersEdit

Officially no one, and even if - would you believe them? Probably most artists and actors, though. Interestingly enough, no spies ever claim allegiance to the Masked One, as he is utterly unpredictable and apparently loyal to no one but himself.

Notable FollowersEdit