The Youh'Kai are an alien race that constitutes the largest non-human minority of the Phoenix Empire (realm).


Originally a star-faring race with an Empire of their own, the Youh'Kai in 3520 were the first alien race encountered by humanity that posed a significant threat. Most of the Silver Age was spent in the Youh'Kai War beginning in 3523, where both races fought each other mercilessly. Several human planets were conquered and colonized by the Youh'Kai, among them Agrabah and Yaiciz, visible at the increased Youh'Kai population on these planets.

In 3689, Humanity was victorious and all but eradicated the Youh'Kai. Their homeworld of Far'Gesh was razed but never colonized, as it was deemed too inhospitable for human settlement.



Youh'kai appearance

Humanoid in appearance, the Youh'Kai are generally of shorter build than humans but show a larger variety. Often, they are of athletic or wiry constitution, obesity is all but unknown.

While their eyes are uniformly dark and their hair is usually black or dark brown, they show a surprising variety of skin colors which are of central aesthetic value to them. For more information, see Youh'Kai Skin colors.

Unlike humans, their teeth are visibly pointed and sharp, hinting at a evolutionary past as carnivores.

Most obviously visible difference are their bone ridges, lines of bone that pierce the skin. Those ridges appear in places where the bone would run right under the skin in humans, their distribution quite individually different. Frequently, those ridges sit along the cheekbones, brows or above the temples, along the head, collarbones and such. The Youh'Kai mold their bone ridges to document important parts of their lives. The carvings are called Ba'ata and traditionally had to be carried out by a priest of Khastai, though tattoos have become more and more accepted as a substitute.

For the skin colors of the Youh'Kai see Youh'Kai skin colors.


For all their physical and cultural differences, the Youh'Kai and Humanity bear startling biochemical similarities. They are close enough to each other that with only minor medical procedures, parents can produce healthy offspring that is fertile with both parent races. This incredible closeness has repeatedly led to the conclusion that the two races could not possibly have evolved separately from each other.

Youh'Kai are sensitive to bright sunlight, and possess excellent low-light vision.

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